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May 28th, 2010 08:26 PM


Yahoo!® TV Widgets available on Sony®, VIZIO®, Samsung®, and LG®

Yahoo! TV Widgets deliver a Cinematic Internet experience directly to TVs from Sony, VIZIO, Samsung and LG. Buy a TV today and get access to your favorite movie, TV show and web services on demand. Get your personal selection of movies and TV shows streamed directly to your TV from Amazon Video on Demand® and Blockbuster® including HD!

View your personalized Internet content while watching TV

Check the latest news on Yahoo!, sports scores on USA Today®, shop on eBay® or catch up with your friends on Twitter, all while you watch TV. Press the Widget button on your remote control to view your personal web content without missing a moment of your favorite TV show. Every member of the household can create a profile of their personal selection of web content through TV Widgets. Go to the Yahoo! Widget Gallery and add widgets to your profile for Mom, Dad and the kids. It’s easy—just grab your remote, lean back and stay connected.