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November 6th, 2012 03:04 PM

Yahoo! and Samsung Partner to Deliver Interactive TV

Everyone loves watching TV, and today Yahoo! is making the experience even better for many TV owners in the U.S. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve expanded our partnership with Samsung to make it so that anyone who purchases or already has a 2012 Samsung SmartTV will be able to engage more with their favorite shows and commercials.

Now, with the touch of a remote, connected tablet or phone, Samsung SmartTV viewers can easily access content or offers related to your favorite TV shows and commercials they are watching. Now you will see subtle, on-screen prompts telling you that complementary content is available like trivia, additional insights on shows and actors, interactive games, and much more.

{Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity TV Show}

Thanks to Yahoo!’s SoundPrint (which powers the popular IntoNow app) and Connected TV technologies and Samsung’s SyncPlus platform, TV watchers can have a truly enhanced and engaging experience in their living room.

For programmers and advertisers, this partnership also creates a powerful business opportunity. Advertisers can go beyond traditional 30-second commercials by embedding options for viewers to immediately download apps or digital media, get coupons, order samples, read reviews or see more product information. TV programmers can provide complementary content like trivia, more show insights or interactive gaming to extend engagement.

Current Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity TV programming partners National Geographic Channel and Showtime Networks, will be working with Yahoo! to expand their lineup of shows with interactive content.

{Yahoo! Broadcast Interactivity TV Commercial}

The new features are currently available with the latest software update to Samsung’s 2012 Smart TVs in the U.S. and will be integrated directly into future models of Samsung Smart TVs.

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