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July 18th, 2012 02:06 PM

Yahoo! Connected TV takes fans “Beyond Gold” for the Summer Games

In just a few days, excited fans around the globe will sit in front of their TVs to cheer their country to victory at the Summer Games in London.  Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Connected will take fans “Beyond Gold” to bring them closer to the action.  Sports fans with Yahoo! Connected TV on Sony®, VIZIO®, Samsung®, and Toshiba® TVs, can access the Yahoo! Sports Beyond Gold TV App to get the latest coverage of the Olympics without missing a moment of the action on TV.

Integrated into the Yahoo! Sports TV App, Beyond Gold for Yahoo! Connected TV is a complementary on-screen experience for people watching the Summer Games.  The Yahoo! Sports Beyond Gold TV App provides real-time coverage of the Olympics including news, scores, medal count, schedules, photos, and videos with a simple click of the remote, right to your TV screen.

Yahoo! Sports coverage will include original video programs, breaking news, and expert analysis from Gold Medal Olympians Dan O’Brien (Track and Field), Summer Sanders (Olympics), Shannon Miller (Gymnastics).  Don’t miss a moment of Yahoo!’s compelling video content for the 2012 Summer Games right on your TV including:

Yahoo! Olympic London Minute

Daily updates on the latest news from the Summer Games.

Yahoo! Elite Athletes:

Learn from popular athletes participating in the Summer Games as the provide insights into training, diet and preparation.

Yahoo! Memorable Moments:

Celebrate the most compelling stories in Summer Games history.  View them through the eyes of those who were there, through video, iconic photos and stories.  Celebrate moments like: Nadia Comaneci’s perfect 10s in Montreal, Carl Lewis’ four gold medals in Los Angeles, Michael Phelps’ record eight gold medals in Beijing, and more..

Reasons to Cheer:

Hear inspiring stories from elite athletes participating in the Summer Games

All of this exciting Summer Games content is available with a few clicks of your remote on the best screen in the house, your TV.  To get started, download the Yahoo! Sports TV App from the Yahoo! Connected TV Store on your Sony®, VIZIO®, Toshiba® or Samsung HDTV today.

Early next week, open the Yahoo Sports TV App, select Beyond Gold and watch the Summer Games Memorable Moments, Elite Athlete Workouts, and Reasons to Cheer.  When the Summer Games start, sit back, relax and enjoy real-time coverage of the Olympics including news, scores, medal count, schedules, photos, and videos.

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