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June 21st, 2012 02:39 PM

CrowdOptic Connects Fans at Live Events to Yahoo!® Connected TV

Wouldn’t it be nice to get an “eyewitness view” of the live action at any sporting, entertainment or news event? CrowdOptic, a maker of crowd-driven mobile applications for premium events, announced that the company is testing new features for TV viewers using the Yahoo! Connected TV platform. The integration of CrowdOptic live event technology with Yahoo! Connected TV, will create an interactive broadcast experience that engages fans at home by connecting them with real-time eyewitness accounts during live sports, entertainment and news events. CrowdOptic will utilize Yahoo! Connected TV Device Communication, to enable TV viewers to interact with live event photos, videos and social media content using their TV, phone or tablet. CrowdOptic is testing this new capability with many premium partners this summer and expects to release it to consumers by the end of 2012.

CrowdOptic and Yahoo!® Connected TV “live event” concepts across TV, Phone and Tablet Source: CrowdOptic

CrowdOptic’s unique clustering technology detects where fans in a live crowd are pointing their mobile phones and auto-curates the most relevant “crowd-sourced” photos, video and social media content. Through the CrowdOptic TV App designed for Yahoo! Connected TV Device Communication, television viewers at home will be able to interact directly with content sent by fans at live events using their TV, phone or tablet.

This use of CrowdOptic technology is a great example of how to utilize Yahoo! Connected TV Device Communication to deliver multi-screen experiences to TV viewers. It adds value to the TV broadcast by enabling consumers to interact with fans at live events using their phone, tablet or TV. Fans at the live event who want to show friends what they are seeing, can instantly share photos, videos and social media content with fans at home through the Crowdoptic TV app.

Crowdoptic has already created live event experiences for fans at tennis, football, racing, music concerts and entertainment events. To see examples, visit CrowdOptic’s event site. Stay tuned for updates on when this exciting technology will reach consumers.

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