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Archive for June, 2012

June 28th, 2012 04:29 PM

Yahoo! Connected TV Developer Office Hours

Last Month we provided new tools for connecting your phone and tablet apps to Yahoo! Connected. These included the Yahoo! Connected TV App Development Kit version1.3, Device Communication and open source mobile libraries. In addition, D-Link® launched their D-Link Evoke TV™ set-top-box for developers.

To kick start your development efforts, we are providing “office hour” access to our Yahoo Connected TV Developer Team at the Yahoo Sunnyvale campus from 9am to 6pm. Have a question? Need some help getting started or just resolving a bug.  Come by and chat with us.

We will provide a lunch and learn session from 12 to 1 and take a deep dive into creating second screen experiences. Spaces is limited for the lunch and learn session.

For more info and to save your spot, RSVP now

Date: Tuesday, July 24th

Time: Open 9am to 6pm (Lunch session from 12 to 1)

We look forward to meeting and hanging out while we talk code, answer questions or anything else that comes to mind.

June 21st, 2012 02:39 PM

CrowdOptic Connects Fans at Live Events to Yahoo!® Connected TV

Wouldn’t it be nice to get an “eyewitness view” of the live action at any sporting, entertainment or news event? CrowdOptic, a maker of crowd-driven mobile applications for premium events, announced that the company is testing new features for TV viewers using the Yahoo! Connected TV platform. The integration of CrowdOptic live event technology with Yahoo! Connected TV, will create an interactive broadcast experience that engages fans at home by connecting them with real-time eyewitness accounts during live sports, entertainment and news events. CrowdOptic will utilize Yahoo! Connected TV Device Communication, to enable TV viewers to interact with live event photos, videos and social media content using their TV, phone or tablet. CrowdOptic is testing this new capability with many premium partners this summer and expects to release it to consumers by the end of 2012.

CrowdOptic and Yahoo!® Connected TV “live event” concepts across TV, Phone and Tablet Source: CrowdOptic


June 11th, 2012 12:07 PM

Y! Connected TV Developer Event – Slides and Video

On May 24th at the Yahoo! Connected TV Developer Event
we introduced developers to the Yahoo! Connected TV App Development Kit version v1.3. If you missed the event, no worries, you can check out the video and slides here.

Yahoo! Connected TV Developer event – Video

  • 0:00 – 7:21 – Welcome message: distribution and general info from Ron Jacoby – Vice President, Y! Connected TV
  • 7:22 – 19:41 – Product updates: Y! Connected TV Store, App Development Kit (ADK), Broadcast Interactivity, Device Communication, Y! Connected TV mobile app, Y! CTV Store from Scott Lincke, Sr. Director Products, Yahoo! Connected TV
  • 19:42 – 21:42 – Evoke TV Set-top-box with Y! Connected TV: Scott Lambden, Sr. Product Manager – Multimedia, D-Link:
  • 21:43 – 23:34 – Product wrap-up: Scott Lincke
  • 23:35 – 42:25 – Developer Updates and Device Communication tech details: Jim Cortez, Front End Engineer, Yahoo! Connected TV