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May 24th, 2012 05:00 PM

Create second screen mobile apps using Y! Connected TV App Development Kit

Today at the Yahoo!® Connected TV Developer Event in Sunnyvale, Yahoo! will introduce hundreds of app developers to the new Yahoo! Connected TV App Development Kit version 1.3 with Device Communication.  Device Communication is a powerful two-way protocol for connecting mobile devices to Yahoo! Connected TV. Using the Open Source Device Communication libraries, developers can create second screen apps for games, social, sports, shopping and more.

To showcase the capabilities of Device Communication to consumers and developers, Yahoo released the Yahoo! Connected TV Mobile App on Android.  It is available in the Google Play store and supports 2012 Sony® Bravia EX 40, 46 and 55 inch TVs today!

Y! Device Communication Android Libraries Open Sourced- Accelerate 2nd Screen Apps

The Yahoo! Connected TV Device Communication Android Library will be open sourced and available on the Yahoo! location on Git Hub.

The Device Communication Java libraries are compatible with Android.  They wrap the Device Communication Protocol so it can be integrated as a module in Android Apps on phones and tablets.   These same libraries are used in the Yahoo! Connected TV mobile App in production and available in the Google Play Store.

Developers can take these libraries and quickly build cooperative mobile and tablet apps for consumers on 2012 Sony® Bravia EX 40, 46 and 55 inch TVs today.

And open sourcing code to the developer community is nothing new to Yahoo!, in fact we have a long history of contributions, including recently, Mojito, an application framework that enables agile development of Web apps, and of course, Hadoop, YUI and much more.

Build  Second Screen Apps for Consumers Today using the Y!CTV App Development Kit v 1.3

Take advantage of Yahoo!’s Device Communication two-way message-passing protocol to create second screen interactive apps for entertainment, games, social, sports or shopping including:
•         Sharing videos from a mobile device to the TV
•         Sending web page URLs from the TV to a phone’s web browser,
•         Utilizing gestures and touch to accelerate discovery and navigation of TV apps

Bring your mobile apps to Yahoo Connected TV.  Get the App Development Kit Today!

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