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November 2nd, 2011 02:02 PM

Make Money Today-Yahoo! Connected TV Store Available on Sony and Toshiba TVs!

Since launching in 2009, Yahoo! has created the leading global connected TV platform with over 10 million TVs sold worldwide. Monetization through selling TV Apps was a key request from our network of over 14,000 developers and publishers. At the Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2011, Yahoo! demonstrated a beta version of the Yahoo! Connected TV Store and opened it up to developers.

We are excited to announce that the Yahoo! Connected TV Store is available to consumers today on Sony and Toshiba TVs with the Yahoo! Connected TV platform. Consumers can now download premium Paid TV Apps in addition to the 180+ Free TV Apps available today. We expect the rollout of the Yahoo Connected TV Store to reach millions of TVs in the coming months. Here is quick recap of the program:

  • Paid TV App prices range from 99 cents to $99
  • Developers get 70% of the revenue after taxes and currency exchange
  • TV App sales are processed through the Yahoo!® Connected TV Store
  • Consumers may buy TV Apps in 3 currencies (USD, EUR, GBP)
  • Developers are paid in USD
  • Available to developers in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, Sweden, France, Canada and Australia.  Yahoo! anticipates that the program will be expanded to developers in additional markets in the future.

Get started today by visiting the Yahoo Connected TV Store page

Paid TV Apps run the gamut from games and educational content to premium versions of Free TV Apps. We’re excited to see your creativity unleashed. Below is a sample of the TV Apps available for sale in the Yahoo! Connected TV Store:

  • ScreenDreams – Set the mood when entertaining or relaxing and enhance your living décor with beautiful fireplaces, aquariums, fine art, and more
  • Lost worlds from MediaFly - An awe-inspiring collection of 12 full-length nature documentaries including Ocean Voyagers, Ocean Oasis, Lost Worlds, Great North, Bears, Australia, Antarctica, Amazing Journeys, Alaska, and Africa The Serengeti.
  • Instantquiz – You know who won the championship 14 years ago, don’t you. Any championship… And you are good at rocket science as well… You are the last polyhistor. And this is a chance for everybody to see it.
  • Kadoo from MediaFly – upload your home movies, access them from your TV and share privately with friends and family.
  • MyCast Weather – check the weather in an easy to interpret format on your TV.  Your weather experience comes to life with high definition radar and cloud imagery, real-time current conditions and forecasts displayed.
  • Puzdoku – A Japanese puzzle game, Sudoku from PlayJam.
  • Darts – A classic darts game for your TV from PlayJam.
  • Miami Pool – A classic pool game made for TV from PlayJam.

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