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September 23rd, 2011 08:00 AM

Bring sports home to your Sony® TV with ESPN’s ScoreCenter TV app

Don’t miss a second of action from your favorite teams and sports! The new ESPN® ScoreCenter TV app gives you access to latest scores, upcoming games, stats, and even more! On demand, and right on your TV screen.

Browse through multiple sports such as NFL®, MLB®, and the NBA®.  The ESPN® ScoreCenter TV app also puts you in the driver seat by enabling you to customize your TV experience selecting your favorite sports and teams.

The ESPN ScoreCenter TV app is your ticket for full sports access – when you want it, and on the biggest screen of the house.  Best of all… it’s free! Download ESPN ScoreCenter today on your Sony TV device with the Yahoo! ® Connected TV logo. Not sure if you have a Yahoo! Connected TV? Check out the Sony models that are enabled with Yahoo!  Connected TV through our webpage:

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