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January 25th, 2011 10:40 AM

Connect Your Phone and Tablet to your TV

Nielsen and Yahoo! published a study in May of 2010, that showed that three out of four online Americans use the Internet and TV at the same time.

This happens frequently with 50% of consumers multi-tasking daily and 90 % multi-tasking at least once a week. At CES 2011 in Las Vegas Jan 6-9, Yahoo! Connected TV showcased some ground breaking features to expand the ability for consumers to combine Internet content with Television viewing.

The cornerstone is Broadcast Interactivity, a ground breaking capability that automatically presents Internet content related to what you are watching.  This could be any broadcast TV show or advertisement. In addition to providing this capability directly integrated into the television, Yahoo also demonstrated the ability to make your phone and tablet interactive companion devices to the television.

Yahoo! Connected TV’s device communication model enables new and exciting TV-viewing experiences driven by the sophisticated controls available on today’s tablets and mobile phones. A new generation of TV App capabilities is now available to consumers, including gesture-based, multi-display, and multi-user features for playback of Internet video, intensive gaming and social applications.

This device communication platform supports two-way message-passing between Internet-enabled devices and Connected TVs running Yahoo! Connected TV. Keyboard, navigation, and TV App specific messages can be communicated through a new protocol over a local network.

Here are a few examples:
Mobile Phones as Smart Remote Controls – Use an Android phone or an iPhone as a smart remote control for a Yahoo! Connected TV, taking advantage of the phone’s superior searching, sorting, navigation, and data entry controls.

Tablet Devices for Data Rich Interfaces – Use the Yahoo! Connected TV companion app on the iPad to connect with  the currently playing TV program. Access a rich set of web results on  the tablet which can be played on the TV with the touch of a button.

TV Displays for Shared Web Viewing – Access web videos on a tablet and send them to a big screen TV for shared viewing.

Download the device communication white paper for more details: Select the “Download the White Paper” button on the right.

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