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January 5th, 2011 08:21 PM

Yahoo! Connected TV @CES 2011: Broadcast Interactivity and Beyond

Two years ago, Yahoo! revolutionized the TV experience with the introduction of Internet-connected TV, enabling consumers to interact with their favorite Internet content while watching TV, all with their remote – no keyboard, mouse, or additional work required. Two years, millions of subscribers and a worldwide distribution later, we are ready to do it again.

We are here at CES 2011, ready to unveil the next evolution the Internet-connected TV experience - broadcast interactivity. This new feature the first of its kind, offers consumers an immersive, real-time experience on the Yahoo! Connected TV platform that brings people even closer to the programs and brands they love by enabling them to play along while they watch their favorite shows.

Our broadcast interactivity is unique in bringing together the key TV players – from the networks, to the top advertisers and manufacturers – to synchronize the TV signal with the TV app experience. It’s an open platform that will work across devices and platforms.

Partners: We are working with some of the most notable manufacturers in the industry, including Broadcom Corporation, D-Link, Haier, MediaTek, Sony and Toshiba to enable the broadcast interactivity pilot on their devices in 2011. We’re also collaborating with some of the leading TV programmers such as ABC, CBS, HSN, Showtime, along with top brand advertisers including Ford, Mattel, and Microsoft.

Three-screen Connectivity: New capabilities offer interactivity between external devices and the TV, including tablets and phones:

  • Mobile Device as Smart Remote Control – Use an Android phone as a remote control for Yahoo! Connected TV, with superior navigation, data entry and personalization, like access to favorite TV Apps.
  • Send to Device / Information Search – Viewers can use the Yahoo! TV Companion app on the iPad to connect with the TV program being viewed and access a rich set of Web results that can be played directly on the TV with the press of a button.
  • Send-to-TV – Users can access videos on a tablet and send them to a big screen TV for shared viewing.

TV Apps: The Connected TV experience is built on an ever-expanding collection of TV apps, providing deep content designed to complement TV viewing. We recently launched the Yahoo! Connected TV Store, allowing developers to create Paid TV Apps and offer even more content to consumers.

At CES this year, we also are showcasing new TV apps to the Connected TV platform from CNBC, Clear Channel Radio, NBC, QVC and mgMedia. A number of new media TV apps are being introduced as well from Mediafly, Virtual Nerd, Screen Dreams, and more. Check back here to see videos, demos, photos and other updates from our booth at CES.

Come by our booth in the South Hall, 2nd floor, Booth #36201.

Check out the official press release at:

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